Adult Immunization Management

Adult Immunization Management would like to make you aware of the new services that we are providing to local industries. AIM is a Health and Wellness company that promotes employee health and safety thru immunizations.

Employee health plays a vital role in the efficiency and quality of production at work.  By providing direct communication between the care coordinator and employer, AIM enables the employer to play an active role in the decisions that are being made in regards to the employee’s health.

The programs that AIM provides include:
·    Immunizations
·    Safety/CPR Training
·    Ergonomics Training
·    Health and Wellness
·    Blood Borne Pathogen Training
·    Respirator Fit-Testing
·    Cooper/Clayton Smoking Cessation Program

Each program will be customized to the industry in order to provide the most efficient and convenient care possible.

AIM can provide assistance in cutting down on lost time due to lost workdays that are related to injuries and illness.  In addition, the efficiency and productivity of your employees will increase due to the sustained healthy lifestyles that you promote.  Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy work place and AIM can make that prevention possible for you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding this information and we look forward to doing business with you.

Thank you,

Adult Immunization Management

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